Family Memory Holder

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This piece was inspired by the Irish tradition when a child is not simply asked for their name, they are asked Ce leis thu?”, which translates as “To whom do you belong?”.
This piece of work symbolises belonging to a family, your identity is not just in a name, you are born into a long family line.

Commissioned by a father wishing to express the sentiment of “family” and “belonging”. The silver in the piece is comprised of the initials of each family member, Paddy, Ward, Therese, Anne and Eve. It also carries four pieces of silver to represent four grandparents....from any generation.

The purpose of this “Treasure” is to represent the family in a Christmas tree decoration. Each family member will be given their own silver symbol for their name and when the family are all together before Christmas they will assemble the piece as a whole. The silver once one single piece has been divided and will now come together again, just like the family at Christmas time travelling to the family home to be together as one unit.

The word “Home” has a wonderful resonance as it is the place where you belong, where you can be yourself, you can rest and a place for the family to gather at Christmas. The hope is that through the passage of time this “Memory Holder” will allow sharing of memories and family history, it will become a focus for the family. 

The “Memory Holder” is presented in a wooden box and each family member receives an individual card.